Effortlessly blending the roles of recording artist, songwriter, musician, and creative director, Jessica Domingo embodies a multifaceted artistic presence. The Seattle native naturally gravitated towards music at a young age. “My earliest memory of being immersed in the world of music was finding a guitar in the basement and feeling drawn to learn how to play and write my own songs.” she says.

At the age of 15, Jessica ventured into the digital realm, sharing her singing videos on YouTube. It was her debut video that quickly gained traction, amassing over 2 million views. These early encounters of self-expression laid the foundation for her journey into becoming a songwriter. Over the years, she dedicated herself to honing her creative skills, cultivating a distinctive sound that resonates with authenticity and emotion. This led to the release of three self-written albums, each serving as a powerful testament to her ability to craft compelling narratives through melody and lyrics.

Expanding beyond her role as a solo artist, Jessica's sample pack releases have become treasures in the landscape of music production. Producers across the industry have sampled her vocals into a multitude of compositions, as showcased by notable projects such as Drake’s latest album “For All The Dogs.” This recognition was highlighted by platforms such as Complex and Hypebae, emphasizing the widespread allure and adaptability of her artistic contributions.

    Now based in Los Angeles and a recent summa cum laude graduate, Jessica, with a diverse range in her musicality, continues to push the boundaries of her artistry. Her music transcends traditional genres, embracing a fusion of styles that creates a sonic landscape uniquely her own.

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